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Vaccination protest outside MP’s office

  photo Gregg Chamberlain
photo Gregg Chamberlain
More than a dozen protestors gathered outside of MP Francis Drouin’s Hawkesbury office Friday to express their feelings about mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

Lucie Thibault and Louise Larcocque organized the event, which was similar to another protest gathering October 8 at Hawkesbury and District General Hospital. They said that the focus of the Friday morning event was to express concern about the possible loss of jobs for any unvaccinated hospital staff who refused to or were unable to comply with the new mandatory vaccination policy that goes into effect October 15.

The protestors also argue that mandatory vaccination policies are a violation of an individual’s freedom of choice.

The protesters gathered first at the main entrance door to the MP’s office in the side alley at 179 Laurier Street in Hawkesbury. They then moved on to Laurier Street to provide a more public display of their protest for a two-hour period while taking care not to interfere with traffic.