Hawkesbury woman wins $100,000

Hawkesbury woman wins $100,000

After purchasing the ticket from The Smoke Shop on Hawkesbury’s Main Street, 69-year-old Patricia Clouthier was overjoyed to realize she had won the grand prize on Instant Money Match. She travelled to the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to collect the $100,000.

“I was jumping up and down with my daughter at the news,” Clouthier said of the moment she found out she won. “I had to tell my hairdresser who was ecstatic for me, and I also shared the news with my neighbour!”

Although she’s a regular lottery player, Clouthier said this is the first big prize she’s won. She wisely said she’s going to save most of it, only paying off a few bills and sharing some of the money with her daughter. “All I feel is joy and happiness. This is so crazy!”

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