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Russell resident wants be Green for the GPR

Marthe Lépine — —photo Gregg Chamberlain
Marthe Lépine
—photo Gregg Chamberlain
Marthe Lépine is working to get her name on the ballot as the Green Party’s candidate for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell in the October federal election.

“I want to make a contribution with all my experience,” said Lépine, 77, who lives in the Village of Russell in Russell Township. “I feel I have some knowledge that could be useful.”

Lépine, fluent in French and English, is a self-employed translator with a bachelor’s degree and university background studies in commerce and economics. Her resume includes various provincial and federal government postings both in Ottawa and the Northwest Territories, as well as a three-year term on the Embrun Agricultural Cooperative board of directors.

She listed support for small business development, increased pharmacare, and support for the agricultural sector among her concerns.

Lépine was confirmed last month by the Green Party of Canada as its GPR candidate. Now she is working on completing Election Canada’s candidate qualification conditions to ensure that her name is on the October election ballot.