Pierre Lemieux on re-election quest

Pierre Lemieux on re-election quest

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« We have nothing to do with Doug Ford, » said Lemieux, adding that the goal of the federal Conservative party is « responsible government spending » and recognizing that a balanced federal budget may not be possible within a four-year term.

During a June 2 interview at a local coffee shop Lemieux continued to distance himself and the federal Conservatives from Premier Ford’s Progressive Conservative government. He dismissed any suggestion that some voters may wonder if an Andrew Scheer federal Conservative government would act the same way as the Ford PC provincial government, with a focus on cost-cutting at the expense of social programs.

Lemieux wants to restore Glengarry-Prescott-Russell to the federal Conservative fold in October but he also has one other personal goal as he campaigns across the riding. « I want to restore people’s trust and confidence in their MPs, » he said. « I feel Canadians want to have confidence (in government) but it’s challenging. I want to serve the people, and do it in such a way to restore trust in our elected officials, in Parliament, and in our political system. »

Read the complete interview on page 3 of the Tribune-Express of June 12, 2019.

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