Council presented with C-R Strategic Plan

Anil Jhalli
Council presented with C-R Strategic Plan
Clarence-Rockland city councillors were presented with the CIty's Strategic Plan last month (Photo : EAP File Photo)

Clarence-Rockland’s council members are set to discuss the City’s Strategic Plan at its next council meeting this month.  

In 2023, the City undertook the creation of its new Strategic Plan which provides a roadmap emphasizing the priorities for Clarence-Rockland over the next four years. 

«Citizens were active and their voices were heard as part of this plan,” said Clarence-Rockland Mayor Mario Zanth. “They were clear that they wanted a community-centred, fiscally responsible city that collaborated with its citizens and businesses in order to provide innovation in its thinking, all the while providing environmental stewardship for decades to come.” 

The City’s current strategic plan was developed for the six-year period between 2015 to 2021 and “was clearly due for an update,” said City of Clarence Rockland Chief Administrative Officer Pierre Voisine in a report submitted to council at last month’s meeting.  

City staff initiated a number of activities with a goal of interacting with residents in order to determine their strategic priorities for Clarence-Rockland. 

City employees met with residents in restaurants, schools, golf tournaments and community events, which gave them a chance to provide their input on Clarence-Rockland’s priorities over the next four years.  

“This is an excellent plan for our city,” Zanth said.  “Our employees’ commitment to seeing this through is proof of their dedication. This plan is exactly what we need to build together.» 

 The plan’s broad strokes 

The City’s four-year plan for 2024-2028 states Clarence-Rockland “will continue to be a growing and prosperous community with an enduring small-town feel.” 

Directing the City’s plan are three overarching strategies of focusing on balanced growth, high quality services and community cohesion, while still balancing residential, commercial and industrial growth with community values, expectations, and quality of life.  

The City said the plan will support growth by evidence-based decision-making, regular progress monitoring and reporting.  

The City also wants to expand and improve its services and infrastructure to meet the growing needs of Clarence-Rockland’s residents, businesses, visitors, and community organizations by improving its capacity to deliver services effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner.  

The City also plans to explore collaboration opportunities with other municipalities for mutual support and benefit. 

The plan says the City wants to strengthen community cohesion by consistently engaging the community to keep the “pulse of its needs and aspirations,” by promoting active citizenship to strengthen attachment and contribution to the community and fostering the growth of community organizations that bring about positive impact in Clarence-Rockland.  

“One of the things we heard loud and clear was that the community wants more program and other things to do,” said Voisine. “As the City’s administration, we therefore bring ideas and plans which are consistent with what people want to council for their approval and concurrence.” 


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