Councillors present motion in support of consistent library funding

Anil Jhalli
Councillors present motion in support of consistent library funding
Councillors Trevor Stewart and Samuel Cardarelli introduced a motion at the March 20 council meeting where the City would provide grant support for the Clarence-Rockland Public Library in the 2025 and 2026 budgets. (Photo : File)

A pair of city councillors introduced a motion last week in support of the Clarence-Rockland Public Library, looking to commit to more than $2.4 million in funding over two years.

At the Wednesday, March 20, Clarence-Rockland council meeting, Councilor Trevor Stewart brought forward amotion, seconded by Councillor Samuel Cardarelli, to see the City commit to funding the public library with$1,226,856 in both its 2025 and 2026 budgets.

The City has already committed $1.2 million in support of the library in the 2024 budget.

“The Clarence-Rockland Public Library has demonstrated significant success in identifying a wide range of programming and services to residents in the community consistently,” said Cardarelli during last week’s council meeting when he discussed the motion. “A steady source of funding will help library staff manage operations and plan for the future.”

Mayor Mario Zanth said the community is fortunate to have “an exceptionally well managed library that offers so many services to our citizens.”

“It (the funding) is meant to provide financial stability to the library for the remaining years of our elected term andto show support for its innovative and creative programming,” continued Zanth.

The motion in support of the Clarence-Rockland Public Library will be debated at the April 17 council meeting

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