The Nation votes to ban renewable energy projects

By Gabrielle Vinette
The Nation votes to ban renewable energy projects
On February 12, The Nation unanimously voted to adopt a by-law banning new large-scale renewable energy facilities and battery storage facilities for the next 12 months. (Photo : File)

The Nation voted to approve a by-law banning “construction, installation, use, operation, changing or retiring of a new large scale renewable energy generation facility”. 

On Feb. 12, councillors for The Nation unanimously voted to pass a by-law to establish that any there will be no new large scale “renewable energy facilities” and battery storage facility built. 

“It’s as simple as the residents of The Nation have made it very clear to me, the mayor, and the rest of council that they do not wish to host any large-scale renewable energy projects. We have been through that process in the past and do not want to have to repeat it,” said Tim Stewart, Ward 1 councillor. 

The recommendation first came on September 25, 2023, when council recommended the Planning Department hire WSP Consultants to establish a memo on how to regulate the establishment of future large scale renewable facilities, including windmills and battery storage. 

On Dec. 1, the Planning Department received the report from WSP reviewing the policies of the UCPR Official Plan 2022 and explaining options to regulate the establishment of renewable energy structures. On Jan. 15, the Planning Department presented a draft report on renewable energy structures to the Council using WSP’s findings.  

A member of the Council spoke to add battery energy storage systems (BESS) to the list of prohibited renewable energy even if it wasn’t in relation to a renewable energy project. The Planning Department then prepared an interim by-law to prohibit renewable energy structures until the adoption of the new zoning bylaw of the municipality. 

The Nation has researched BESS. One project proposed was on Sky Road on the North Glengarry Township side. This specific BESS would store excess electricity production over the existing grid and redistribute it during peak hours. 

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