Cougars defeat Metcalfe 6-2, Lose 8-4 to Gatineau

Par Antoine Messier
Cougars defeat Metcalfe 6-2, Lose 8-4 to Gatineau
Les Cougars de Vankleek Hill sont revenus de leur congé des fêtes avec un week-end de deux matchs contre les Volants de Gatineau-Hull et les Castors de Cumberland. Ils ont étés défaits 3-1 face au Gatineau-Hull Volant vendredi soir avant de vaincre les Castors de Cumberland 3-0 samedi. (Photo : d'Archives)

The Vankleek Hill Cougars took two points off the Metcalfe Jets on Friday, December 1, in a 6-2 victory.  

Ryan Allan scored the first goal for Metcalfe in the first period, but the Cougars quickly came back with two back-to-back goals by Alexander Perry and Zachary Sullivan to end the first period 2-1. 

Cougars continued to dominate in the second with another two goals from Garret Cunning and Mathieu Bélanger. The Jets pulled on back with a goal from Nick Aubrey, but the Cougars didn’t let up and Bruno Laframboise scored the team’s fifth goal before the end of the period. The visiting team topped off the score with a sixth goal thanks to Andy Lightle-Blais in the third period to end the game 6-2. 

The story of the night, however, was one of indiscipline, with both teams having four players kicked out of the game with fighting majors. The Jets had a fifth player ejected from the game for contact to the head. 

Defeated by Gatineau 

The Cougars faced the first place Gatineau-Hull Volant in Vankleek Hill on Saturday night, December 2. Gatineau’s Mathis Villeneuve scored the first goal for the away side, but the Cougars ended the first period in strength, with more goals from Lightle-Blais and Laframboise. 

The Cougars started the second period with their third goal from Malcolm Seguin. Gatineau then scored 3 goals from Clément Gravelle, Alexis Gauthier and Samuel Emery in the second period, making it 4-3. 

The visitors started the third period with another goal from Emery, before Lightle-Blais pulled one back for the Cougars, making it 5-4. Gatineau then scored three back-to-back goals from Julien Arruda, Gauthier and Emery to finish off the hat-trick. 

Cougars are still in second place in the NCJHL, six points behind Gatineau in the standings. 

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