Cougars finish November at a loss

by Christopher Smith - EAP
Cougars finish November at a loss
Les Cougars de Vankleek Hill sont revenus de leur congé des fêtes avec un week-end de deux matchs contre les Volants de Gatineau-Hull et les Castors de Cumberland. Ils ont étés défaits 3-1 face au Gatineau-Hull Volant vendredi soir avant de vaincre les Castors de Cumberland 3-0 samedi. (Photo : d'Archives)

The Vankleek Hill Cougars unfortunately lost their last game of the month over the weekend.

November 25 was the last game of the month for the Vankleek Hill Cougars, and although they put up one heck of a fight, the South Grenville Rangers fought too hard for the Cougars to overcome. The two teams were evenly matched in the first period, neither giving into the other, until the Rangers managed to sneak a single goal past the Cougars near the end of the clock.

After that the Rangers only picked up speed. Seemingly learning the Cougars’ play style, they slammed home four more goals throughout the second period while also preventing the Cougars from scoring back. The Cougars were able to claw back some ground in the third period with two goals of their own, but the Rangers also scored three more goals. The Cougars lost the game with a total score of 8-2.

The Cougars’ goals were scored by Andy Lightle-Blais and Loic Seguin, assisted by Maxime Laliberte, Mathieu Belanger, Etienne Cote, and Rowan McPherson. Their next game is on December 1 against the Metcalfe Jets.

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