Champlain Township leases Higginson Tower

by Christopher Smith - EAP
Champlain Township leases Higginson Tower
The Higginson Tower Committee has been caring for the property since 2006. (Photo : Christopher Smith)

Champlain Township council has approved an agreement to officially lease the Higginson Tower to the tower’s committee.

During the regular meeting on November 23, Champlain Township council received and approved a five-year lease between council and the Higginson Tower committee. The non-profit committee was formed after the township acquired the property in 2006 and was charged with maintaining and promoting the Higginson Tower as a tourist attraction within the Township. The committee pioneered the tower’s renovation and has been operating the site as a tourist attraction since its formation.

According to the agreement, “Entering into a formal lease with The Higginson Tower Committee will ensure the continuity of operations of this valuable information and tourist attraction for both Champlain residents and visiting tourists.”

The lease was approved and will remain in effect until December 31, 2028. The committee will be responsible for all maintenance and care of the structure, and it will have to pay a rental fee of $2.50 per year, due on January 1. Champlain Township and the Higginson Tower Committee will have to decide whether to renew the lease by September 30, 2028.

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