Community support needed to help Boisés Larocque

Par Gregg Chamberlain - EAP
Community support needed to help Boisés Larocque
If residents of Alfred-Plantagenet can show how much they love Boisés Larocque and how important the community forest is to the community, the township may be able to a $50,000 LEAF grant to help with further recreational enhancement of the woodland. Go to to post comments and photos in support of the Boisés Larocque LEAF grant application. (Photo : Facebook)

If residents, and visitors, to Alfred-Plantagenet Township can explain why Boisés Larocque is important to them, the township may be able to get a $50,000 grant to help with future improvements to the community woodland. 

The township has applied to the Commonwealth LEAF program for a community projects support grant of $50,000. If approved the money would go towards enhancement of Boisés Larocque’s recreational trail infrastructure. 

“What we want is to put up better signage for the trails, some benches for people to sit on, maybe a small gazebo,” said Geneviève Souligny, community activities coordinator for the township. “We could have a storage shed for bikes that are available for people to rent to ride on the trails.” 

Part of the application procedure for a LEAF grant required the township to post on the Commonwealth LEAF website some photos of Boisés Larocque, along with a description of the community woodland and the purpose for the grant application. There is a limited amount of funds each year for LEAF grants, and the grant selection committee decides which applicants receive grants based on how much online support there is for each project. 

The more support that residents of the township show for Boisés Larocque with their own online comments, Souligny said, then the better chance the township’s application has for approval. 

“What they need to do is to tell a story,” said Souligny, “add a photo, and say why Boisés Larocque is so important to them.”

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