Cougars winning streak broken

by Christopher Smith - EAP
Cougars winning streak broken
The game against les Aigles was the Cougars’ last win before their streak was broken. (Photo : Pierre Luc-Lacelle)

The Cougars’ second winning streak of the season was broken after nine wins in a row.

A month-long winning streak that spanned four weeks and nine games has unfortunately come to an end after the Cougars went up against the St-Isidore Eagles and the Cumberland Castors this past weekend. The first game on November 11 saw the Cougars against the Eagles, and everything was going great. The Cougars built up an early lead with three goals in the first period, and the Eagles couldn’t make that up no matter how hard they tried. The Cougars won the game with a score of 5-1.

Their goals were scored by Andy Lightle-Blais, Malcolm Seguin, Mathieu Belanger, and Maxime Laliberte, assisted by Zachary Sullivan and Jake Lalonde.

The trouble came at the second game on November 12 against the Cumberland Castors. The Cougars once again built up a lead in the first period with two goals to Cumberland’s none, but the Castors fought back viciously in the second. Stonewalling the Cougars from further goals and racking up three of their own, the two teams battled it out in the third period with no clear winner and went into their first overtime. Neither team was making any headway and so a second overtime period was necessary, leading to the Cougars’ ultimate defeat at the hands of the Castors with a final score of 3-4.

The Cougars’ goals were scored by Seguin, Garrett Cunning, and Llightle-Blais, assisted by Sullivan.

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