Community Garden Chosen for Tim’s New Fundraising Campaign

Par Joseph Coppolino
Community Garden Chosen for Tim’s New Fundraising Campaign
Rockland Tim Horton’s owners Nathalie and Yves Paris, along with their manager Heather Savard, decided their new holiday cookie fundraiser would go towards supporting the Rockland Community Garden. (Photo : File photo)

Nathalie and Yves Paris, owners of Rockland’s two Tim Horton’s locations, chose the Rockland Community Garden as the recipients of their new holiday cookie campaign. 

Much like the spring Smile Cookie campaign run by Tim Horton’s across the country, the new Holiday Smile Cookie campaign is selling cookies with 50 per cent of the proceeds going to Tim Horton’s youth camps and the other 50 per cent going to community organizations chosen by location owners. 

“We have supported the Rockland Food Bank with our Smile Cookie Campaign for 26 years now,” said Nathalie Paris. “Now that we’re introducing the holiday smile cookie campaign we went looking in our community to find a new partner.” 

Paris and manager Heather Savard went looking for other organizations that would be a good fit for the new campaign. As an organization run by women, centered in the community with their youth engagement programs, the Rockland Community Garden ticked all the boxes for Paris and Savard. 

“Gardens are something that get people together, they feed families, they feed the community. We felt that there was a very real link to what we’ve been doing for the last 26 years as a restaurant,” Paris said. 

Stephanie Marcil, co-founder and community building coordinator of the garden, said they were pleasantly surprised to hear they had been chosen as the recipients of the new campaign. 

“It was really exciting to be thought of,” said Marcil. “We were honoured.” 

Funds raised through the campaign will help the garden expand its membership, include more accessible features to the garden and add some unique and welcoming features, said Marcil.  

“It’s so amazing to have businesses willing to support community projects in this way,” she said. “We can’t do it without the help!” 

The cookie campaign kicks off on November 13 and runs until November 19. Holiday smile cookies can be found at both the Laurier Street and County Road 17 locations in Clarence-Rockland. 


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