Clarence-Rockland’s first roundabout opens

by Joseph Coppolino - EAP
Clarence-Rockland’s first roundabout opens
Clarence-Rockland's first roundabout was completed on October 20 and is just the first of three to be constructed in the area as the municipality’s housing developments continue to expand. The new infrastructure project includes multi-use pathways, sidewalks and lighting for the increasingly busy intersection connecting Morris Village with Clarence-Rockland's downtown. (Photo : Joseph Coppolino)

After nearly six months of closure, St. Jean Street reopened between Poupart Road and Docteur Corbeil Boulevard on October 20, marking the completion of the municipality’s first roundabout and a first step in the St. Jean Street reconstruction project.

The St. Jean Street reconstruction project began in May 2023, and, on top of the roundabout, includes the construction of a multi-use path on the east side of St. Jean Street and a sidewalk on the west side, as well as new street lighting in the area.

The $6 million project also included new underground pipes, improvements and extensions of the storm system, aqueduct and sanitary system from Patricia Street towards Docteur Corbeil Boulevard.

Under the city’s new Multi-Modal Transportation Master Plan, created in 2019, the roundabout is just the first of three to be added between Docteur Corbeil Boulevard and Richelieu Street. The municipality’s planning department looks to expand the roads to accommodate increased traffic from new Morris Village developments and the Brigil development at the intersection of St. Jean Street and Poupart Road. New roundabouts are planned for that intersection as well as another to connect a new east-west roadway from around 1211 St. Jean Street, near Centennial Construction, to Caron Street on the other side of Morris Village.

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