City adopts commemorative bench and tree program

by Joseph Coppolino - EAP
City adopts commemorative bench and tree program
(Photo : Joseph Coppolino)

Residents of Clarence-Rockland can now dedicate a municipal bench or tree on city property for a fee.

Despite having received numerous requests from community members to create a dedication to a family or community member, to date, the municipality has not had a policy in place to facilitate such a commemoration. Interest in such a program became apparent during the construction of Alan Potvin Park when residents were permitted to sponsor a bench or tree in the new park.

According to the new policy, the city will be responsible for the installation of the tree or bench for which the applicant will pay (including the cost of the related plaque), and the city will guarantee the tree of bench for a maximum of five years, providing maintenance, upkeep and replacement when necessary. While residents will not necessarily get a choice in its placement, the city will consider suggestions from applicants.

The administration views the program as an opportunity for residents to invest in the city infrastructure without an increase in taxes, and green the city landscape, a view with which Councillor André Lalonde agrees.

“We have 26 parks across the municipality, both big and small, and they all need more trees,” he said. “With the hot summers people need a little shade for kids, for picnics and it’s not always easy for the municipality to finance the planting of more trees. It’s a great option that implicates the community in the success of all our parks.”

Interested residents will be responsible for the purchase of the plaque and will require approval of the wording from the city. All plaques must be in both French and English.

The cost to plant a tree is $800 and $3500 for the dedication of a bench, including tax.

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