Hunting season approaches for SNC

by Christopher Smith - EAP
Hunting season approaches for SNC
The SNC offers almost 9000 acres of hunting grounds every year. (Photo : supplied)

A list of approved hunting zones is available on the SNC’s website.

As summer ends and hunting season approaches, the South Nation Conservation (SNC) has released a list of conservation properties that will be available for hunting and trapping. SNC offers almost 9000 acres of its forest, wetlands, and grasslands as hunting area each year, sustainably managed and restored for recreational use.

“Responsible hunting and trapping are beneficial to ecosystems and help to maintain balanced wildlife populations,” said SNC Conservation Lands Technician Ryan Robson. “Hunters must have provincial permits from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and should always carry their outdoor card, license summary, valid hunting tags, and proof of firearm accreditation.”

An SNC hunting permit is $100 and allows watershed residents to hunt in approved areas without active recreational trails. A full list is available through the SNC’s online map. Hunters must obey all posted signs and regulations, wear high-visibility clothing, and display an SNC tag on their dashboards when hunting or trapping.

The permit fees support the annual Youth Hunt Apprenticeship Program, offered in partnership with the Delta Waterfowl South Nation Branch since 2007. The program teaches the importance of ethical hunting, respecting safety, wildlife habitat, and private property.

“We are proud to offer a Youth Hunt Program in the watershed. It’s a great opportunity for our local youth to learn how to hunt, responsibly and safely,” said Robson.

Residents should stay aware of their surroundings and wear high-visibility clothing if they are in a permitted hunting zone.

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