Russell KinClub’s Catch the Ace Gala a brilliant success

by Kalonji Mukendi - EAP
Russell KinClub’s Catch the Ace Gala a brilliant success
Russell KinClub representatives Douglas Anthony and Cindy Anthony offering thanks at the Camille Piché Center in Embrun to everyone who supported the Catch the Ace lotter project to benefit local charities. (Photo : Kalonji Mukendi)

The atmosphere was electric at the Camille Piché Centre on Saturday as charities, retailers, volunteers, supporters, and sympathizers of the Kin Club of Russell’s «Catch the Ace» initiative all turned out to witness the presentation of huge cheques to six local charities.

The Kin Club of Russell’s fifth annual “Catch the Ace» lottery enjoyed 50 successful weeks through June 18, raising an incredible $2,046,568.69 in profits that went directly to local charities. The charities in attendance paid tribute to their volunteers and retailers as they gathered on stage, emceed by Sam Laprade of City News. The gala was broadcast live on the Russell Kin Club’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

One by one, members of the Kin Club of Russell presented the charities with the cheques they had received, leaving many speechless: $178,784.70 to the Osgoode Care Centre, $188,116.50 to Victoria’s Quilts Canada, $339,481.78 to the WDMH Foundation, $341,094.78 to the Kin Club of Russell’s Storage Centre for Charities, $471,656.71 to the Valoris Foundation, and $527,434.23 to Russell Township’s Good Neighbours Food Bank.

Mayor Pierre Leroux, was very surprised by these amounts and made a speech of appreciation to close the event. Since its inception, the Russell Kin Club has sold a total of $7,043,850 in tickets and donated a total of $3,148,768.04 to local charities.

Kin Club of Russell members Bill «The Godfather» McInnis and Rueben Tait were also recognized for their individual sales of 12,472 tickets. Karine Boucher, owner/operator of Russell Foodland, presented them with a grocery store Employee of the Month certificate and personalized chair covers for future sales. To the crowd’s delight, the Kin Club announced that the sixth Catch the Ace lottery would kick off with the first draw on Sunday, November 5.

The lottery livestreams its draws every Sunday at 3:15 p.m. on the Russell Kin Club Facebook page. Winners are contacted by phone live during the draw. For all other inquiries, please email

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