Alfred Bélanger Bridge rehab remains on schedule

by Christopher Smith - EAP
Alfred Bélanger Bridge rehab remains on schedule
The Alfred Bélanger Bridge rehab remains on schedule and should be completed by mid-autumn of this year. (Photo : Christopher Smith)

The Alfred Bélanger Bridge rehabilitation project is proceeding on schedule and is on-track for the projected opening in mid-autumn 2023.

The bridge originally closed on February 17 of this year, and due to the extensive amount of work, it’s been unavailable for partial use ever since. The entire bridge was lifted from its supports to facilitate the progression of the rehabilitation, which included structural enhancements, girder and steel repairs, wing wall repair, and general safety improvements.

“We understand the significance of this bridge for the local community and the importance of restoring uninterrupted connectivity. The project’s successful progression underscores our commitment to delivering a safe and reliable infrastructure for the benefit of residents and commuters,” said Jérémie Bouchard, Public Works Director at the United Counties of Prescott & Russell (UCPR). “As of the latest, all construction milestones have been met, and we continue aiming the scheduled opening date in mid Fall 2023. The collaborative approach adopted by all stakeholders involved has been instrumental in driving the project forward efficiently.”

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