CAPRAC presents funding proposal to UCPR

by Christopher Smith - EAP
CAPRAC presents funding proposal to UCPR
Le Conseil des Comtés unis de Prescott-Russell (CUPR) a rejeté la demande du Conseil des arts de Prescott-Russell (CAPRAC) pour une prolongation du financement de 169 000 $ par année pour les années 2025 et 2026. (Photo : d'Archives)

CAPRAC outlined its operations funding proposal to allow it to offer even more artistic opportunities to the community.

The Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) presented its operational funding proposal to United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) council during the regular meeting on August 24. Presented by CAPRAC’s Lead Coordinator Margo Malboeuf, the presentation outlined CAPRAC’s position as a bilingual advocate and expert for the artistic community in Prescott-Russell. Currently, it averages approximately 650 volunteer hours in the last 12 months, and a pay-what-you-can membership averaging between $20 and $30.

Malboeuf outlined two different models for the funding proposal. The maintenance model would allow CAPRAC to continue offering its current level of services, which includes advertising artistic events, activities, initiatives, supporting individual and community-led projects, promoting members, partners, and municipalities, maintaining its critical systems such as its sales platform, database, and professional resources, and making all of its efforts accessible to everyone.

The growth model would include all the continued services of the maintenance model, but it would also allow CAPRAC to facilitate the professional development of its personnel, increase membership and sales, and expand its services to add three new community programs.

“Our municipal mini galleries would identify local businesses willing to host a rotating exhibition of CAPRAC artists,” she said. “The intent of this program would be to bring art into public spaces and increase representation of CAPRAC in the community, while supporting increased engagement and involvement with residents and local businesses.”

The cultural program would be an opportunity to collaborate with other organizations in the region working to develop cultural initiatives and experiences. It would support youth through exposure, awareness, and promoting inclusivity and diversity.

“Focusing on agriculture as an important aspect of our regional heritage, the development and administration of a new heritage-based program would support local producers and growers as creators, highlighting the traditions of agriculture,” she said. “The intent of this program would be to encourage collaboration across the sectors of arts, culture, and heritage by developing connection and integration of producers within our network of artists and creators.”

This and the other measures would result in increased skill and professionalism in staff, an increase in memberships and sales resulting from increased visibility, and an increase in additional funding through additional external opportunities. It would also allow CAPRAC to mark its 10th anniversary with a celebration of regional artists, cultural centres, and heritage sites.

The maintenance model was outlined at $152,000 in operational funding over three years, which includes a three-percent annual adjustment for inflation and allows for $21,500 in additional revenue.

The growth model was outlined at $169,000 in operational funding over three years, also including a three-percent annual adjustment for inflation, and allows for $32,700 in additional revenue from the increase in memberships, sales, and resources to make funding applications.

Several mayors on UCPR council were vocal about supporting option A, the Growth model, but all of council also acknowledged that the annual budget has not begun yet and so couldn’t commit at that point. Council motioned to defer the decision until after the UCPR 2024 budget discussion.

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