More professional look wanted for Alfred skatepark

by Gregg Chamberlain - EAP
More professional look wanted for Alfred skatepark
Improvements are in the future for the Alfred skatepark at Larocque Park. (Photo : Gregg Chamberlain)

Plans are still in the works for improvements to the Alfred skateboard park with funding the only delay to the project.

“We are still waiting for word from the province,” said Manon Besner, Alfred-Plantagenet Township parks and recreation director.

The budget planned for improvements to the skatepark at Larocque Park is about $150,000. The township has applied to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a community assistance grant. Besner expects to have a reply about the application by September.

“The plan is to do a cement base for the skatepark,” she said. “All the structures will then be set in the concrete.”

Right now the skatepark has an asphalt base which is more prone to crumbling with age. A concrete is considered “more professional” for a skatepark and is typical of skateparks in larger urban centres.

The township has also budgeted $50,000 towards purchase of some new structures to install at the skatepark once the concrete base is made. Part of the proceeds from a recent fundraiser event at Boisé Larocque, organized by local youth with help from the parks and recreation department, will also go towards the new equipment purchase.

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