UCDSB Trustee censured

By Christopher Smith - EAP
UCDSB Trustee censured
An Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) trustee was censured. (Photo : Éditions André Paquette)

An Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) trustee was censured for violating the trustee code of conduct.

Trustee Curtis Jordan, who represents Ward 9 (Stormont and Glengarry Counties) at the UCDSB, received a six-month censure by the board at the June 21 trustee meeting. Jordan has received an official warning, he will be unable to attend board or committee meetings until December 31, and he is required to take an education course through the Ontario Education Services Corporation trustee development program.

The other trustees received a report in the open session about the complaint, which was made by trustee chair John McAllister. The report is not available to the public due to the intimate, personal, or financial content it contains, which is protected under the Education Act.

A three-trustee committee was formed to investigate the allegation of misconduct. The committee found that Jordan breached three principles of the code of conduct: 1.4, which states “Trustees will commit themselves to dignified, ethical, professional and lawful content.” ; 4.2, which states, “A Trustee of the Board shall not advance allegations of misconduct and/or a breach of this Code of Conduct that are trivial, frivolous, vexatious, made in bad faith or vindictive in nature against another Trustee of the Board.” ; and 4.4, which states, “Trustees shall at all times act with decorum and shall be respectful of other Trustees of the Board, staff, students and the public.”

It is unclear if Jordan is able to appeal the six-month censure, although he said he is still considering whether to pursue an appeal.


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