Province gives aid for windstorm cleanup

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Province gives aid for windstorm cleanup
derecho money SNC

In May 2022, a massive windstorm called a derecho swept through Eastern Ontario. Winds reaching up to 190 kilometers per hour tore trees from the ground, ripped apart buildings, and toppled hydro poles, leaving thousands of people without power. A year later, there are still signs of the derecho’s destruction left, scars marring the plains and canopies.

To correct this, the provincial government has extended relief money from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to aid in the cleanup of debris and the replanting of forest cover affected by the storm. South Nation Conservation (SNC) has received $360,000 for debris cleanup and $182,000 for forest regeneration, for a total of $542,000, and the UCPR has been communicating extensively with them to coordinate an eventual cleanup effort.

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