GSLR and Canada Carbon still at odds

Par Raymond Berthiaume
GSLR and Canada Carbon still at odds

During a special session May 2, GSLR council voted to reaffirm its opposition to Canada Carbon’s proposal for its Miller Graphite Project and to lobby the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ) to reject the company’s application for approval of a non-agricultural use for the property.

In its May 2 resolution, GSLR council restated its concern that the project «will have a negative effect on the existing (sugar) maple resources and those under development both on the territority of the local municipality and in the region» and also that council worries about the impact the proposed graphite mine operation could have on local water sources and other environmental and community concerns.

Council’s resolution included approval to appoint Trivium Avocats Notaires as the municipality’s legal representative when the application matter comes before the CPTAQ «and to recommend any additional steps necessary for the debates potentially to come before the CPTAQ.»

Canada Carbon wants to develop its Miller property in the GSLR area to supply graphite for use in the nuclear power industry. The company’s application for permission to use the property for non-agricultural purposes dates back to 2016. The municipality’s objection to the proposal began in December 2017 with a resolution objecting to the company’s original application, arguing that it «did not comply» with the legal requirements that applied then.

Canada Carbon issued a news release May 4, stating that it is «disappointed» with the municipality’s resolution asking the CPTAQ to reject the company’s application for a non-agricultural use permit. The company also stated that council «failed in fulfilling its only required obligation» under current provincial policies dealing with land use applications to the CPTAQ. Canada Carbon stated that the municipality’s sole obligation is to state whether or not the Miller Graphite Project conforms to municipal zoning regulations.

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