Ottawa River level to stabilize

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Ottawa River level to stabilize
flood watch update

The region’s water levels are predicted to slow and begin reducing up until April 28, the end of the current flood warning statement. As of Monday morning, April 24, the ORRPB measured a flow of 6,435 cubic metres per second and predict that number will continue to fall over the coming days. Despite the additional rainfall over the last few days, water levels are still expected to stabilize without necessarily any increases to the water level.

Over the weekend, sandbag equipment provided by the City of Clarence-Rockland for high-risk areas in that community was utilized along Wilson Road where residents started stacking the makeshift water barriers in anticipation of the rising river. The low-lying private drive off Wilson Road’s north end are particularly vulnerable to flooding as homes sit right on the water’s edge.

Residents living along the Ottawa River between Rockland and Hawkesbury and further downstream are encouraged to keep an eye on changing water and weather conditions throughout the week, as uncertainty remains regarding rainfall amounts in the coming days and are advised to stay away from watercourses where flows are high and where banks might be unstable. Parents are encouraged to explain dangers to children and provide supervision near all waterbodies.

SNC also notes that water level forecasts do not account for the impact of wind and waves along the shores of the river.

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