Temporary closure for Hawkesbury Scotiabank

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Temporary closure for Hawkesbury Scotiabank
Scotiabank temp closure

The automatic teller machines (ATMs) at the bank branch are still in operation and local Scotiabank clients can still do their deposits and withdrawals from their accounts. They can also still do any bill payments that are linked to their accounts.

The main door of the branch is closed and a sign posted stating that the Hawkesbury Scotiabank is closed for Monday, April 24, but will reopen the next day. Anyone who has banking business that cannot be done through an ATM can go to the branch in Vankleek Hill for service.

A bank spokesperson confirmed that the temporary closure is due to a lack of tellers to provide customer service inside. The bank expects to resolve the matter to allow reopening of the branch to normal business April 25.

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