Flood Watch becomes Flood Warning

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Flood Watch becomes Flood Warning
Flood Warning

The Flood Watch was first issued on Friday, April 14. The new Flood Warning anticipates that water levels along the main river are “expected to exceed major flood levels, impacting several streets, lawns and houses in low-lying areas,” according to news release sent out to local media April 17. The flood warning is in place until April 28.

While conditions remain dependent on snowmelt and rainfall, a heavy rainfall event is forecast for the coming weekend, adding water to the river already near its flood threshold.

In the Hawkesbury area, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry stated that water levels are expected to rise by about half a metre above the current level. In the Clarence-Rockland area, the river could rise by as much as a metre.

Conservation authorities encourage residents to monitor changing conditions, take necessary measures to protect their property from flood damage, and stay away from watercourses where flows are high and where banks might be unstable. Parents are encouraged to explain the danger to children and provide appropriate supervision around all waterbodies.

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