City lays out strategic plan timeline

Par Raymond Berthiaume
City lays out strategic plan timeline
CR strategic plan

The city’s present strategic plan, the document that informs a municipality’s direction and allocation of resources over a five-year timeline, expired in 2021. That plan, spanning 2015-2021, was focused on creating a “welcoming, bilingual, self-sufficient, safe and family oriented” and an “economically sustainable and environmentally sensitive community”.

Laying out the city’s new strategic plan will start with an environmental scan between April and June 2023. The scan will encompass the broadest view of the municipality, including infrastructure needs, demographics, economy, labour market, living conditions, service quality and environmental concerns.

That data will be indexed and analyzed from May to September and used to set council’s high-level general strategic direction, to be outlined between August and November and turned into concrete actionable goals by the administration. By December 2023, the strategic plan should be ready for implementation in 2024.

Consultations with stakeholders and the public are intended to take place throughout the process.

Submitted to council February 26, by chief administrative officer Pierre Voisin, Clarence-Rockland municipal council approved the strategic plan timeline at the last council meeting on March 8.

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