100,000 welcomes to the Wee Irish Fest

Par Raymond Berthiaume
100,000 welcomes to the Wee Irish Fest
Wee Irish Fest

«It was great,» said Samme Putzel, Excellent Events director, about the results of the first indoor ceilidh session at the Creating Centre for this year’s Wee Irish Festival.

An audience of more than four dozen lovers of Irish folk and modern songs sat, clapping hands and tapping toes as local band, 50 Proof, and the Vankleek Hill Old Tyme Fiddlers provided a three-hour concert to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Putzel noted that attendance at the Wee Irish Festival concert bodes well for the start of the 2023 festival season for Vankleek Hill. The next event will be the May Show Festival on Main Street May 21, followed in July by the Horse and Buggy Expo and Ecumenical Service July 9 at the Vankleek Hill Fair grounds.

The popular Festival of Flavours fills up Main Street September 10, and the three-day Christmas Craft Fair December 1 to 3 at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre will finish off the festival season.

For those who were at the Creating Centre Sunday afternoon and those who wish they were, Sláinte!

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