Huge show for Skating Club’s 45th anniversary

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Huge show for Skating Club’s 45th anniversary
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With all 140 skaters ages two to 25 participating, this year’s Disney theme will bring all the family favourites to the Rockland Arena ice pad: 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Mulan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and even Monster’s Inc.

The show is even welcoming a special guest, Ottawa’s Canadian novice champion David Shteyngart.

Gail Malette, director of skating for the past 38 years, said the club’s committee has been planning the show since the end of last summer.

“It’s just a huge commitment,” said Malette. “Every year we do a little year-end something, but this is big. This is costumes and music. It’s a bit of a production.

“We have some skaters that compete in shows, but this is really the only time they can showcase what they’ve learned to their parents, friends and families.”

Malette said the numbers of skaters they had signing up this year is the best the club has seen in a long time. Usually getting fluctuations around Olympics season, Malette believes the pandemic gave parents an extra incentive to sign their kids up, making this year’s show likely to be even more spectacular.

In the past, the shows filled up the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena. Now that they have moved to the Clarence-Rockland Arena, a sold-out crowd isn’t likely, but Malette thinks they will still have a great turnout.

“This is a bigger rink, and I’m hoping for at least 500,” said Malette.

The club hopes the event will promote the sport and inspire more kids to join the following season.

Tickets are currently on sale through the Rockland Skating Club for $5, and will be $8 at the door on April 1. All proceeds and sponsorships support the event. After recouping their costs, the club would like to donate to the Food Bank.

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