UCDSB celebrates Black History Month

Par Raymond Berthiaume
UCDSB celebrates Black History Month

February is Black History month, and Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) schools across the region are learning about notable Black Canadians, reading works by Black authors, learning the history of Black History Month, and celebrating Black culture.

“The communities that we serve are more diverse than ever before and it is very important that all students, staff and families see themselves reflected in our schools and curriculum,” said Dan McRae, Principal of Equity and Inclusion with the UCDSB. “I’m proud that our schools are celebrating Black History Month and that we have also made an everyday commitment to recognize, teach and celebrate members of the Black community who have made significant contributions to Canada and around the world but who have historically not received the same recognition as their peers.”

Classrooms will be exploring books, graphic novels, and poetry by Black authors, watching Heritage Minute stories of Chloe Cooley, Jackie Shane, and Richard Pierpoint to name a few, and participating in classroom discussions around race and culture.

“We need to ensure that all our students feel like they belong. We need to give all students the opportunity to learn about themselves, their neighbours and their friends,” says UCDSB Chair John McAllister. “Our community is changing and if we don’t change along with it, we won’t be serving our students or families well and that hurts us all. I’m proud we are celebrating Black History Month, but I’m also very proud that students are learning about culture, racism, and social justice issues all year long.”

Last year, students from Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute contributed to a district-wide Black History Month video that uses poetry to promote historical black role models and the message of coming together to “educate to blast out hate.”


https://www.facebook.com/UCDSB/ videos/480522460414615/

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