More help for rural infrastructure needed says Mayor Laviolette

Par Raymond Berthiaume
More help for rural infrastructure needed says Mayor Laviolette
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“Definitely grants for roads,” he said during a phone interview. “We never have enough money for roads.”

The mayor of Alfred-Plantagenet Township also indicated that both senior levels of government need to take some kind of action to help curb inflation. Mayor Laviolette noted that rising costs for materials like gravel and asphalt are creating problems with his municipality’s budget plans for road improvements and other projects.

The township could also use some federal or provincial aid for projects that would make the community more attractive as a place to live and also help with future economic development.

One of Mayor Laviolette’s hopes during his mandate is to see the start of planning work for construction of a cultural and recreation centre. Alfred-Plantagenet is one of the few small rural communities in Eastern Ontario that does not have a culture and recreational centre and a past survey of residents indicated that was a priority item for most people living in the municipality.

Help from either level of senior government with plans for expansion of Alfred-Plantagenet’s presence as a riverside community for tourism would also be appreciated. The township has three boat launch sites at Wendover, Treadwell, and Lefaivre but only Lefaivre has a proper marina facility to service boaters.

Mayor Laviolette would like to see enhancement work at all three sites, including installation of marina services at the Wendover and Treadwell boat launches to help develop Alfred-Plantagenet’s marine tourism trade.

“There are boaters in Montréal that would like to come here,” he said, “but there’s no place for them to stay.”

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