Cougars win one, lose two

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Cougars win one, lose two
Cougars hockey

Westport Rideaus took the lead in the first period, scoring three goals and conceding one to the Cougars. Cougars tied the game in the second period, making the scoreline even with three goals on each side. The Cougars didn’t manage to keep the momentum in the third period, conceding two goals and scoring one in a hard fought 5-4 defeat.

On Saturday, Cougars never worried first place North Dundas Rockets, conceding three goals in the first period. The Cougars trailed all game in the 6-2 loss.

“We didn’t have our legs back after three weeks on vacation,” said Head Coach Franky Dopelhamer. “It doesn’t help that we had to cancel our practice on Wednesday due to freezing rain.”

Vankleek Hill picked up the pace against the Morrisburg Lions, the team currently sitting in seventh place, one position below the Cougars in the standings. Cougars crushed the Lions 8-2, picking up a much needed two points in their first win since December 3.

“It was a perfect game from start to finish, offensively and defensively,” said Dopelhamer. “It had been a while we hadn’t had a taste of victory.”

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