First Christmas baby born at WDMH

Par Raymond Berthiaume
First Christmas baby born at WDMH
Xmas baby

Winchester Memorial District Hospital (WDMH) saw a number of Christmas Miracles born on December 25, but the first to arrive was Aila. Her mother, Sarah, gave the gift of life while Aila’s siblings, a four-year-old sister and a seven-year-old brother, stayed home in Ottawa with their dad and opened Christmas presents.

“I am very happy,” said a tired Sarah. “Everything went very well. Thank you very much.”

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to help with the miracle of life this Christmas at the Winchester Hospital,” said Dr. Shamsa Deeb, who delivered the baby. “This is the family’s third baby at the hospital and I’m grateful to have been with them for all of them. The labour and delivery went very well with the exceptional support from the WDMH team that I am very happy to be a part of.”

After the birth, the WDMH team delivered a gift of their own and presented newborn Aila with a festive hat, a pair of mittens, and booties.

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