Indian Creek Road open again

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Indian Creek Road open again
Indian Creek culvert

After months of construction, the replacement of the Indian Creek culvert is finished, and the inauguration of the twin culvert took place on November 16. The work was completed around November 7, bringing a close to the $2 million project and reopening Indian Creek Road to traffic. The ceremony was attended by The Nation Mayor Francis Brière, former mayor François St-Amour, and councillor Alain Mainville, among others.

«I am very impressed with the quality of the work done by all parties involved and the efforts of The Nation’s public works team in bringing this project to completion,” said Brière. “It is important to be able to work in collaboration between municipalities in the interest of everyone’s well-being. This partnership with the City of Ottawa is a good example of this. I am proud to be present for the inauguration of the culvert and to be able to say that our residents and those of Ottawa will be able to circulate safely.”

The work was started in June 2019 when the City of Ottawa submitted a request to The Nation to share the cost of the replacement project, with each municipality paying half. The original culvert was installed in 1986, and a condition assessment done in 2016 recommended it be replaced within one to five years due to safety deficiencies.

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