Panthers holding on through struggle period

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Panthers holding on through struggle period
Panthers hockey

Despite a strong start to the season in October, the Panthers haven’t been having the best luck recently.

Their misfortune started on October 21, when they faced off against the Richmond Royals at the Embrun Arena. They played a fierce game, but the Royals pulled off a final overtime shot that let them defeat the Panthers 3-2. Embrun’s two goals were scored by Riley MacDonald and Juno Gregoire, assisted by Riley Carisse, Charlie Belanger, Isaac Leduc, and Connor MacDonald.

Two days later, the Winchester Hawks faced them at the Embrun Arena on October 23, where the Panthers lost with the same score of 3-2. This time their goals were scored in the third period by Yanick Blanchard and Belanger, assisted by Gregoire, Leduc, MacDonald, and Marshall Drevniok.

Two days after that, the Panthers fought against the Ottawa Jr Canadians at the Earl Armstrong Arena. They tried to build a lead with a goal each in the first and second periods, but they lost 3-2 after Ottawa slapped off three goals in the third period that put them over the top. Embrun’s goals were scored by Belanger and MacDonald, assisted by Drevniok and Blanchard.

On October 28, the Panthers enjoyed their first win in a while against the Char-Lan Rebels, winning 6-3. Spectators at the Embrun arena watched them put away four goals in the third period on top of the two they had from the first and second periods. The goals were scored by Maxime Paquette, Noah McDonell Gregoire, Belanger, and Blanchard, and were assisted by Mathaeson Cameron, Maxime Patenaude, Liam Murdoch, MacDonald, Carisse, and Alexander Perry.

Their next game was a loss however, when the Casselman Vikings managed a final shootout shot that put them over the edge. The Vikings won 4-3, with Embrun’s goals scored by Paquette and Blanchard, assisted by Leduc and MacDonald.

This month on November 3, they managed a win during a rematch against the Casselman Vikings at the JR Brisson Complex. They got one goal in the first period and another during overtime, and Casselman was just unable to make a comeback. Their goals were scored by Drevniok and Belanger, assisted by Patenaude and Carisse.

The next day on November 4, they lost against the Ottawa West Golden Knights, who won 4-2 against them. The Panthers tried to rally in the third period, but it wasn’t enough. Their goals were scored by Belanger and Ethan Queale, assisted by Drevniok, Patenaude, and Leduc.

A week later on November 11, they squeaked a win against the Winchester Hawks by the skin of their teeth. They built up a comfortable lead in the first two periods, but the Hawks rallied and scored three times in the third period and caught up. Only a saving shot in the last minutes saved them from a tiebreaker. Their goals were scored by Murdoch, MacDonald, and Riley Findlater, and were assisted by Belanger and Gregoire.

The next day on November 12, they managed quite the wide win against the Alexandria Glens at the Glengarry Sports Palace, winning 7-2. They just kept widening the lead and denying the Glens the chance to catch up. Their seven goals were scored by Findlater, Leduc, MacDonald, Simon Lemieux, Belanger, Blanchard, and Murdoch, and were assisted by Paquette, Perry, McDonell, Patenaude, MacDonald, Andrew Flamini, and Ryan Primeau.

Their next game is a rematch against the Alexandria Glens at the Embrun Arena. It will be on November 18 at 8 p.m.

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