Halloween fun returns to the library

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Halloween fun returns to the library
library halloween

Families with kids of all ages were welcomed and participated in a spooktacular evening that included a variety of themed games, a gourd craft as well as finger foods and drinks. The CRPL would like to thank Bergeron Garden Center for the generous donation of pumpkins as well as the giant pumpkin for the grand prize as well as all the gourds that were used to make Halloween crafts.

Costumed participants were especially thrilled about the Witches Hut where their fingers and toes were at risk of being eaten by the witches who fortunately kept failing miserably. More than once a child was overheard screaming “you’ll never get my fingers and toes witchy witch!”

The Clarence-Rockland Ghostbusters were also on hand to keep the ghosts away and to keep order among the spooky pumpkins. There were 170 participants came dressed in their best costumes and the children’s Halloween costume parade was won by a very radiant angel named Daphnée Beausoleil.

Volunteers helped make the variety of games fun for all especially the Scarecrow who led the parade once his legs were fully stuffed by the many kids who gave him a hand. Catherina Rouse, CRPL CEO was thrilled to welcome the community into the Library for their much loved Halloween party.

“We are unbelievably happy to once again open our doors for a Halloween event, » she stated. « After two long years, we wanted the community to once again get together and just have fun.”

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