OPP Recruitment Day

Par Raymond Berthiaume
OPP Recruitment Day
OPP Recruitment Day

Around fifteen different officers from different units were on site Saturday to discuss their units with potential candidates, including officers from the Emergency Response Team, the Tactical Collision Investigator, the Drug Recognition Expert and the Breath Technician. The goal of the event is to increase OPP recruitment numbers while maintaining the same level of service.

“In the past, we had really high numbers of people applying so we we’re able to chose the best of the best”, said Detective-Constable Claudio De Lisi, for the Hawkesbury detachment. “These days, there isn’t as many people applying, but we’re not dropping our standards.”

DC De Lisi explains that the OPP has high standards in regards to the education level of its candidates. The OPP is also looking for people with expertise in many different areas such as linguistics or finances to work in different units.

The Hawkesbury Detachment is also pushing to hire candidates from Quebec to boost its number of officers.

“We’re trying to get bilingual officers that can serve our community here” said DC De Lisi.

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