Chantal Gallipeau’s priorities: roads and water

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Chantal Gallipeau’s priorities: roads and water
Chantal Gallipeau

The two issues top the list of concerns she’s head from area residents as she goes about the township knocking on doors and introducing herself as one of the four mayoral candidates in the October municipal election.

«A lot of people keep saying it’s roads and water,» Gallipeau said during a September 26 interview. «Those are the main things, and I know it’s a big problem.»

Gallipeau finishes her second term as a councillor, going into the election. She entered municipal politics because she wanted to help get some new voices on township council. She decided to seek the mayor’s seat during this year’s election after Stéphane Sarrazin stepped down from the position when he won election in May as the new MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell in the Ford Progressive Conservation governemtn.

Gallipeau noted that she would have sought reelection as a councillor if Sarrazin had continued on as mayor instead and chose to campaign for reelection to that position.

«I never wanted to have to campaign against M. Sarrazin,» said Gallipeau. «He was a good mayor.»

One of Gallipeau’s concerns dealing with municipal water is making sure that the mainline at the Village of Lefaivre is large enough and strong enough to continue to supply both that village and the Village of Plantagenet in the township and the Village of St-Isidore in The Nation Municipality with water. She also wants to see the Village of Wendover’s water supply setup upgraded to provide proper service both to the village’s existing residents and businesses and also be able to accommodate future expansion as the community develops.

She also wants to be involved in future plans for road improvements in the township based on a recent consultant’s report.

«I want to continue to follow up on what is going on,» she said.

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