AP council supports Dynamo Playgrounds

Par Raymond Berthiaume
AP council supports Dynamo Playgrounds
Dynamo Playgrounds

Dynamo Playgrounds wants to take advantage of two grant programs offered through TBN Canada. The federal agency focuses on programs and projects that help individuals restore confidence in themselves and renew their self-respect through job training.

The local company wants to apply for funding aid from the Second Chance program and the CCM Academy Training project. Second Chance helps people with disabilities or who have a prison record to get vocational training and education that helps them find and keep jobs and allows them to become part of the community. The training program includes trades skills like welding, sandblasting, metal work, and general manufacturing.

The CCM Academy Training program focuses on training students in marketing skills, making use of social media, graphic design, web design, advertising and sales techniques, and other media.

If approved for grants in either one or both of these programs, Dynamo Playgrounds will make its job training openings available to local residents who want work and to individuals from other municipalities in Prescott-Russell. The company expects its program will help both its own labour needs and the needs of other businesses in the region.

Alfred-Plantagenet Township council voted during its August 23 session to provide Dynamo Playgrounds with a letter of support for its grant application to TBN Canada.

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