Marine tourism project funding aid

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Marine tourism project funding aid
marine tourism

Caroline Jeaurond’s XplorNation marine tourism pilot project will get some financial help from The Nation Municipality. The project goal is to help develop greater interest in the rural municipality’s marine tourism potential for canoeing, kayaking, and other non-motorized boating activities on The Nation River and use of local parks located along the river like the High Falls Park conservation area at Casselman.

The Nation Municipality received $4000 from the Prescott-Russell Waterfront Tourism Development Support Program (PRWTD) to help cover 400 hours in rental costs for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards provided as part of the pilot project.

A review of the grant guidelines determined this was not possible. Council approved an alternative proposal from Benjamin Bercier, economic and tourism development manager, and Guylain Laflèche, urban planner, during its July 25 session. Instead of subsidizing rental costs for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards, the money will go towards storage costs for the equipment at the High Falls Park.

Council approved the recommendation.

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