Local business helping local businesses

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Local business helping local businesses
Amys Shop

Amy’s Little Plant Shop opened during the height of the pandemic, selling her house plants out of her home. Starting off as a sideline activity while on leave from her 9-to-5 job, the success of her business soon required Bellfoy to set up shop at a storefront.

Now two years into running her business, Bellfoy is looking to give other small businesses, particularly women-run businesses, the exposure she would have liked when she started. On Sundays, Bellfoy is offering up table space to local businesses selling their products online and that want to try out a ‘pop-up shop’.

“If there was an established business that let me pop up it totally would have helped my growth,” said Bellfoy. “So I’m just trying to help out other small businesses and create a little community around my store.”

Bellfoy hopes she is able to support other women entrepreneurs, as she feels they often have so many other responsibilities on top of trying to run their own businesses.

“I really love supporting people who are putting themselves out there and making something different,” said Bellfoy. “It’s also nice to know that we don’t have to just shop on Amazon.”

As long as people are interested, Bellfoy hopes to keep highlighting small businesses in her store and wants to encourage to contact Amy’s Little Plant Shop to take part.

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