Plantagenet enjoys homemade gelato

Par Claude Martel
Plantagenet enjoys homemade gelato

Operating out of Café sur la Rive, Nonna’s Gelato is located beside the South Nation River on Water Street in Plantagenet and is the only establishment in Canada to have a genuine gelato machine from Bologna, Italy. The owner, Nathalie Bercier-Gauthier, learned to make gelato from an Italian master in Toronto.

Bercier-Gauthier is very particular about the ingredients she uses. Milk and cane sugar are the main ingredients, but the fresh fruit and flavourings are what make the treat so delicious. Nonna’s Gelato prefers locally grown fruit from Les Fruits du Poirier near St-Eugène for its 13 flavours, which are all named after Bercier-Gauthier’s family members.

Bercier-Gauthier, who grew up on a dairy farm near Treadwell, decided to start making her own gelato out of love for Italy and its culture. Their trip to Italy in 2018 was what led to them opening Café sur la Rive the year after.

Nonna’s Gelato will also be available at Les Fruits du Poirier near St-Eugène and at Les Matantes on Highway 34 near Hawkesbury. Bercier-Gauthier eventually wants to expand to selling across the entirety of Prescott and Russell counties.

Café sur la Rive and Nonna’s Gelato is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed Mondays.

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