Horse and Buggy Parade confined to fairgrounds

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Horse and Buggy Parade confined to fairgrounds

The parade would have left the fairgrounds and the parade would have roamed the streets of Vankleek Hill. Last Sunday, as the event was starting, the organizer of the event, Samme Putzel, learned that policemen could not be present to shut down roads.

As Samme explains, she first told Champlain Township about the parade six weeks before the event to arrange for road closures. The municipality told Putzel that it would make arrangements to ensure the safety of the people.

OPP Constable Kenneth Gray explained that they had received a request in June for road closures from the township. However, the OPP sent a message Friday, July 8, to the municipality denying the request due to the detachment not having enough staff over the weekend to cover the event.

It was only as the parade was due to begin that Putzel learned that the request had been denied. The municipality had not communicated with Putzel to warn her of the situation.

The people of Vankleek Hill out to watch the parade were forced to go to the fairgrounds to see the event.

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