OPP conducting safe driving campaign

Par Claude Martel
OPP conducting safe driving campaign
La police recherche un homme de type caucasien âgé de 30 à 40 ans, de forte corpulence, aux cheveux châtains clairs et sans pilosité faciale. Il a été vu au volant d'une Dodge Caravan noire dont les plaques d'immatriculation de l'Ontario pourraient commencer par CDRJ. (Photo : Archives)

From July 10-16, the Hawkesbury OPP will help improve driver safety through the Operation Safe Driver program, which was created in 2007 by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to help reduce injuries involving large trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles due to unsafe driving behaviors. The Alliance says it’s important to drive carefully around commercial vehicles, which can’t stop as quickly and can’t see around themselves as clearly as regular cars.

This year will focus on speeding and unsafe driving behaviors, which have been a main factor in over 25% of auto deaths since 2008. Other dangerous driver behaviors will also be enforced, such as distracted driving, seatbelt safety, changing lanes, and reckless driving.

The Operation Safe Driver program also offers materials and resources to educate commercial drivers and new or unexperienced drivers. The materials will educate commercial drivers about common dangers and challenges they may face on roadways, such as distracted driving or getting cut off by passenger cars. New and inexperienced drivers will learn how to share the road with large trucks and buses.

Finally, the OPP would like to share five rules of thumb to abide by when driving. No phones, leave room and move over when possible, stop tailgating, always signal, and have all your paperwork readily available.

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