Limoges Community Day delights residents

Par Karine Audet
Limoges Community Day delights residents

Rodolphe Latreille Park in Limoges was transformed into a maze of vendors, games, food, and fun over the weekend as families flocked to celebrate Community Day. Food trucks served donuts and shaved ice, horse-pulled carts clattered along full of visitors, and residents were wowed by magic shows and live music performances. At the end of the day, a grand fireworks performance closed out the festivities. 

Also of note was a donation from Matthew Brozincevic and Peggy O’Meara of the Recreation Committee, who pledged a total of $30,000 to The Nation for the Sportsplex project. This donation is the first $10,000 of that pledge, with more money to come to help build out the community that they love. 

“When the complex was announced to be a go, we as a committee decided to make a pledge over a period of time to give $30,000 to The Nation for the soft costs and the equipment that’s going inside the building,” said Brozincevic. “We spent a lot of time doing events and fundraising to be able to put towards all kinds of equipment and activities within the community. It’s something that’s an ongoing thing for us.” 

Councillor Francis Brière was present to accept the donation in a small ceremony. He said the money should go towards sports equipment inside the new Sportsplex. 

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