Indian Creek Road culvert work to begin soon

Par Karine Audet
Indian Creek Road culvert work to begin soon

During its regular meeting on June 6, The Nation’s municipal council received a report from Public Works Director Marc Legault and Chief Administrative Officer Josée Brizard regarding purchasing steel sheet pile materials for the head walls of the Indian Creek Road culvert. 

Five suppliers were invited to submit a price for the order, and three responded. Based on the responses, the report recommended the municipality go with Samuel Roll Form Group, as this was the only supplier who could commit to the contract requirements and delivery time according to the construction schedule. The report said the other two suppliers couldn’t provide a comparable product or couldn’t commit to fulfilling the delivery on time. 

Council approved the recommendation, so the steel sheet pile will be purchased from Samuel Roll Form Group. The total cost of the project is being shared with the City of Ottawa, so while the total cost of the project is estimated at $1,597,380.76, the municipality will just pay $798,690.38 as its share. The culvert installation work is estimated to cost $589,064.78, with the steel sheet pile needed for the head walls is estimated at an additional cost of $209,625.60. 

Environmental Infrastructure Manager Daniel Desforges indicated during a phone interview June 21 that work on the culvert project should start in July and will be completed in October. 

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