UCDSB celebrates Pride

Par Karine Audet
UCDSB celebrates Pride

The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) celebrates Pride Month, affirming its commitment to supporting members of the LGBTQS2+ community. The UCDSB is a safe place for all students, staff, and families, said UCDSB Chairman John McAllister, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender. Teachers have been encouraged to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, not just this month but throughout the year. 

“We know that students only succeed when they feel safe and respected,” stated McAllister. “This school board takes a strong stance on equity and inclusivity, and works diligently to ensure that the physical and emotional well-being of all students and staff are protected and respected. We prepare all students for a successful life and by all, we truly mean all.”    

“As a society and educational system, we’ve witnessed monumental growth when it comes to how our school communities acknowledge, celebrate, and support LGBTQS2+ students and staff,” stated Dan McRae, UCDSB principal of equity and inclusion. “Part of my job is to go to schools across our district and speak with classes about equity and inclusivity, but to also listen to their concerns and ideas. The dignity and respect of all people are at the heart of this work. In speaking with thousands of students this school year, we have certainly come a long way as a system, but much remains to be done.”   

The UCDSB continues to move along its Board Improvement and Equity Plan, implementing numerous actions such as the We All Belong Survey, which collects demographic information from students, and developing student trustees’ equity and inclusion sub-committees.  

Students or families with ideas or concerns are encouraged to reach out to their school’s principal, trustee, or student senate. 

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