PR Trail cleanup job thanks to storm

Par Karine Audet
PR Trail cleanup job thanks to storm

« The storm left quite a lot of trees on the trail, » said Pascal Roy, during a phone interview May 27. 

Roy is one of the directors of la Corporation de sentier recréatif de Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail Corporation (CSRPRTC). He and fellow director Michel Villeneuve reported on the condition of the recreational trail during a special board session May 25. 

« We’re going to close it temporarily, » said Villeneuve. « Fallen trees are all along the trail. » 

« We’ve hired a backhoe to help clear out the whole extent of the trail, » said Roy. 

Villeneuve noted that some of the pavilion shelters along the trail route suffered storm damage. The main access gates all along the trail route are closed and locked and yellow warning tape hung across the pedestrain access entries. The board of directors urges residents and visitors to respect the temporary closure and avoid going cycling or walking on the trail while clean-up work is in progress. He indicated the clean-up work may be done before mid-June. 

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