Sunshine List entries for school districts

Par Karine Audet
Sunshine List entries for school districts

The Sunshine List has been annual event since 1996. It lists all employees in the public sector with annual salaries of $100,000 or more during the past year. That includes civil service workers for the province and for municipal governments, along with school district employees, hospital workers, and all those employed with non-government agencies in the public sector. The list does not include details of the number of years a person has had their position or the years of regular and additional training they may have received for their career choice. 

The 2021 Sunshine List entries for the two English school districts that include Prescott-Russell as part of their jurisdictions has 1812 names of employees with salaries of $100,000 or more. The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) has 1192 entries while the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) has 620 entries. 

The top 10 entries for the UCDSB include: UCDSB Ron Ferguson, director of education, 228,340.79; Corey Tinkness, secondary teacher, 170,253.89; Deanna Perry, superintendent of schools, 162,468.02; Susan Rutters, superintendent of schools, 162,468.02; Marsha McNair, superintendent of schools, 162,468.02; Donald Lewis, principal of safe schools, 161,091.14; Marek Doroshenko, secondary special education teacher, 154,885.86; Chad Brownlee, superintendent of human resources, 151,442.63; Deborah Banks, principal of special education, 145,173.18; David Armstrong, chief psychologist, 139,074.08. 

The top 10 entries for the CDSBEO include: John Cameron, director of education, 216,000.00; Bonnie G. Norton, associate director, 197,999.89; Barbara Dobrowski, Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association president, 162,591.12; Natalie Cameron, superintendent of school effectiveness, 161,333.37; Heather Gerber, superintendent of school effectiveness, 156,726.14; Brent Bovaird, superintendent of school effectiveness, 155,358.10; Norma McDonald, superintendent of school effectiveness, 155,358.10; Ashley Hutchinson, manager of finance, 132,806.84; Nicole Proulx, manager of human resources, 132,806.84; James Proulx, chief information officer, 132,806.84. 

The complete Sunshine List information for 2021 is at the webpage at: 

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