Russell awards watermain contract

Par Karine Audet
Russell awards watermain contract

During their regular council meeting on April 4, Russell Township council awarded EVB Engineering a contract to design the watermain system for six areas in the township. The contract was estimated in the amount of $352,550.43, with any extra engineering fees that may crop up to be financed by the water reserve. This is an inclusive cost for all six areas of the project to be designed. 

The Bourdeau Project North portion is estimated at $44,765.75, and the South portion is estimated at $93,410.47. The Bois/Drentex portion is estimated at $45,824.81, the Heritage/Trillium portion is estimated at $112,044.95, and the Cousineau/Provost portion is estimated at $22,809.47. Finally, the Gascon portion is estimated at $27,597.41. The projects will be financed by the residents of these streets once construction begins. 

EVB Engineering had the lowest projected cost, with the next cheapest being JP2G Consultants at a cost of $397,626 excluding HST. 


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